falling isn’t so bad after all

this is one of the good things about trying out new things.  you begin to conquer your fears.

that’s exactly how it felt like when i survived wakeboarding yesterday,  sure, my entire body is sore. my back and my shoulders hurt even when i laugh. and i indeed looked like a schmuck floundering in the water and falling in a kneeboard (this, after them saying that it takes no skill).

but hell, was it fun!

i was scared before this because i don’t know how to swim. if i fall in the water on the far end of the course, nobody will be there to save me.  i’ll have to swim all by myself. and if  i drown, i’ll drown with a life vest on so how much more tragic could it be? and then i have this thing about embarrassing myself or looking like an idiot.  upon arriving in the resort and seeing the water, my heart froze.

but i survived. i fell countless times and i swam. by myself. with a life vest, granted. but i got to the shore by myself. and when i couldn’t hold on to the cable or the kneeboard or the wakeboard, i was thrown like pebble in the water making much noise and splash.  i died each time. but when i resurfaced in the water, i couldn’t help but smile. it’s not so bad after all. 🙂

and looking like an idiot? others looked more funny than i did. we all looked like idiots. so why bother. we were all like babies starting to learn how to stand. of course there were the gifted few who could run the course and make twists and turns and jumps as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. but i’m at the center of the bell curve. so all’s well.

i didn’t manage to get up the board. but i can’t wait to try it once again. with no fear but more anticipation and excitement.


~ by moonsparks on July 4, 2011.

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