wakeboarding weekend

who’s going wakeboarding this weekend? me!

i honestly am not sure why i’m doing this. in the first place, i can’t even swim. and this is the first time ever that i’m going to try it. why now?

then my heart answers, with raised brow and an impish grin, “why not now?” 🙂

i’m scared, that’s for sure. i do feel apprehensive at having all these new acquaintances see me floundering too.  looking closely, i think i feel more scared about looking like a schmuck rather than drowning. this being the case, i really don’t have a valid reason for not going, do i?

and besides, i’m getting old. i’d look funnier doing this if i was already in my 30s or 40s. :p (no offense to the middle-aged).

courage too, is born out of pursuing or doing things despite and inspite of our fear. so there you go. wakeboarding it is then.

i’ll let you know on Monday!


~ by moonsparks on June 29, 2011.

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