spare me

okay. just for the record, i’ve tried not to dwell on this topic too much.  i’ve been bombarded with questions non-stop from my relatives and sometimes, friends.  it’s tiring to have to explain myself everytime. more so, because i too, do not know the answer.

when am i getting married?

my eyes would roll up, my lips thin out to form a tight smile and i would just shrug my shoulders. “why ask me,” i say, “when in the first place i don’t even have a boyfriend?”  they would then ask me why i don’t have one, then follow it up with suggestions like “smile more often. they may think you’re too serious!” or “go out!” as if by doing so, i could immediately snatch a boyfriend or as if in those few minutes that we were talking they’ve already diagnosed what i’ve been missing all these years.

i’m beginning to hate reunions and get-togethers.


~ by moonsparks on June 12, 2011.

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