” rescuers plucked bodies from muddy floodwaters and scrambled to save drenched survivors on rooftops ”

” dumping 455 millimeters of rain in 24 hours, Ondoy surpassed the amount of rain (200-250 mm) unleashed by the catastrophic Hurricane “Katrina” in the southern parts of the United States on Aug. 29-31, 2005 ”

” some areas of the metropolis under up to 20 feet of water ”

” heaviest rainfall on Metro Manila in more than four decades ”

” the current was strong and we were nearly swept away. We held onto a rope… for dear life. I kept thinking this couldn’t happen to me, not in Manila ”

” for some, help never came ”

” people from all persuasions and class, total strangers, neighbors who were previously nodding acquaintances, businessmen from big corporations to the lowly sari-sari store are generously lending a helping hand to the less fortunate victims of Ondoy”

For all those who lost their lives

For all those who lost a loved one

For all those who lost their homes

For all those who lost their life’s earnings

For all those who lost their sense of security

For all those who lost the last vestiges of their trust in the government

For all those who lost everything, something, anything

I know that no words could take away the anguish, the sense of loss and the trauma you are feeling right now. But know that my prayers are always with you.

May God bring you comfort, strength, peace in the midst of this chaos, hope.

With God, we shall overcome.

* quotes used above are from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS CBN news.


~ by moonsparks on September 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “unbelievable”

  1. so sad. we’re organizing something to be of help in any way possible way. grabe talaga.

    • same here r-yo. we’re trying to organize something din. medyo nakaka-frustrate lang ang embassy. lumapit na kami sa kanila to check kung ano ba plano nila para sana makikipag-coordinate na lang kami, pero yun. wala pang anything concrete sila na ginagawa o pina-plano.

      and like you, sumasakit din sang puso ko sa lahat ng news na dumarating dito. 😦

      kamusta ang family at mga kaibigan mo? hope everyone’s ok.

  2. Nakakalungkot talaga pero sana matuto na tayo sa mga pangyayari na ito!Sana lang!


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