Life is short. This is such a cliche, but a truth nevertheless.  And this whole week seemed to make that all too clear and real for me.

I just received news the other day that one of my high school friends passed away last Thursday.  She was diagnosed with acute myelomonocytic leukemia last May.  Yes, it was just last May.  Yes, the illness progressed that fast.  The leukemia was already far too serious when tests confirmed the disease.  At the same time, for different reasons, she was not able to get as adequate or as advanced treatment as what was probably needed and not as soon as she should have undergone it.

Honestly, after high school, we weren’t able to get in touch that much – just a few texts here and there, get-togethers once or twice a year, a couple of emails every now and then. When we learned about what happened, the batch got together and helped in any way we could.

Maybe, it was really just time to let go…

She is, was and will always be a dear friend.


You know what the other scary thing is?  It was also last May when another friend from high school passed way.  Yes, it was another friend.  She died from cancer.


Imagine  both of these happening in less than a year.   Two of my high school friends.  They haven’t even reached 25 years old.


~ by moonsparks on August 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “goodbyes”

  1. Our God wanted to tell us that nothing is permanent in this world. So dont invest too much for our life here on earth, try to invest more for our second life with our Creator in heaven .

    • hi drake. thanks for sharing this thought. iniisip ko lang kasi, pag twenty’s, parang you are at the prime of your life. so ang hirap isipin na at this age, they had to go through much pain, na they had to die so young

  2. sad. mortality check. life’s indeed short.

  3. our condolences to you… im sure they are happy were they are right now.

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