something unexpected

Talk about doing something unconventional on your wedding day…

JK Wedding Entrance Dance


Who would have thought that the maroons will be able to finally score a win, and surprisingly, against the eagles?

This definitely made my day.

Coming into the new UAAP season with what is probably the worst stats ever (sorry naman!), this win is deemed to be the first big upset of the season.  And with such a boost to the the team’s morale, I am ever hopeful that things will only go better from here. I would have loved to watch that game live.  Hay. 🙂

Here’s the Inquirer’s story about it: Lowly Maroons Topple Eagles


Do you like surprises or are you the type of person who feels too embarrassed when caught unawares and then pushed into the limelight?

Me?  I like surprises.  No, scratch that. I love surprises.  I love all the secrecy, the effort thrown into keeping things hush-hush, the reactions a surprise elicits, the crazy ideas…  It takes a lot of effort to surprise someone so when I am at the receiving end,  I feel special, honored that other people would take the time to prepare such a thing for me.

Other people take it differently.  There was one poster from the Experience Project who said that he doesn’t like surprises because it can be “too overwhelming”.  He said, “I experience things more intensely than most people, and so what seems “fun” and “pleasant” to many turns out to feel “horribly overwhelming” when it happens to me. ” Interesting reason, isn’t it?  Maybe some people are really just hypersensitive.  Or they feel discomfort or fear when things become a little awkward. Or maybe they just know when a surprise is coming so that kind of ruins the whole thing.

What about you?  🙂


~ by moonsparks on July 27, 2009.

12 Responses to “something unexpected”

  1. Can’t comment on surprises because I haven’t been too surprised in my entire life except when I receive my credit card bills. Hehe.

  2. uso tong video nato ah,hehe 3x ko na nakita,hehe

    • kakaiba kasi e. tsaka nakakatuwa. sa yahoo news ko lang din to nakita. tsaka sabi nga ng mga ibang nagko-comment, feel-good video talaga siya. idagdag mo pa na maraming nangangailangan ng happy thoughts. 🙂

  3. I’m pro ateneo, but this still made me smile…

  4. i hope sana makapasok man lang sila kahit sa finals!

    • uuwi talaga ako ng Pilipinas pag nangyari yun. wahahaha. sana nga manalo pa sila ulit tapos hindi sila yung last sa team standings. masaya na ako non. 🙂

  5. no longer available na yung vid.. hehe

    wow… the maroons really did it. hindi ako nanonood ng UAAP basketball, volleyball lang..hehe! but alam ko the eagles at archers are the real rivals.

    i like surprises. without them, life would be dull and predictable. no excitement kung baga. hehe!

    it’s ok. hindi ka nagiisa…hehe! sobrang fan lang ako siguro. if i wasn’t, i’d probably have the same opinion. 😛

    thanks, moonsparks 🙂

    • ay, oo nga no? buti na lang sinabi mo. salamat sa pag-check. 🙂 nilagay ko na lang yung link papunta dun sa original na video.

      milagro talaga ang panalong ‘to, at kailangan i-celebrate!

  6. add kita ah!!

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