rain, rain, go away


Who says you can’t have fun under the sun in July? 🙂

Prayers work!  There was not even a hint of rain when we landed at the Phuket International Airport.  From there, it took us around 45 minutes to travel to the hotel.  Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive in time for the Simon Cabaret.  So no ladyboys for me.

Island hopping was our next day’s activity.  From the port, it took another hour by speedboat before we got to the Maya Bay.  Then from there, we skipped to the Pi-Leh Bay, Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, Hin Klang then Koh Kai Nai.  If you are into snorkeling, then going to these places would be a most wonderful experience as if anytime, your senses will short circuit because of the pleasure overload.  Ang ganda.  🙂

On our second and last day in Phuket, we went around the city, sampled some of the local delicacies and bought some pasalubong.  A weekend is too short!  That’s why a return trip is definitely in order.

I’ll share better pictures probably in the next post.  For now, let these images give you a preview of what we experienced there.


Have you heard anything more amusing unbelievable than what happened to the original 1969 moon-landing videotape? NASA lost it.  Yes, you read that right.  NASA lost it and they spent three years looking for that videotape.  They then discovered that the original footage (the one taken from a lunar camera operated by the astronauts) was deleted and the old magnetic tape was recycled and used to record satellite data.

Poof! There goes history!

NASA came out with a “better” version after stitching together what a variety of broadcast television sources around the globe preserved from their broadcasts then.  But still, no matter what they do, the fact remains that the original video is gone.

Here’s an article from the Los Angeles Times in case you want to read some more on this: Houston, We Lost the Moon Tapes



~ by moonsparks on July 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “rain, rain, go away”

  1. hmmm..the view i very famoliar… have you seen “the Beach” which starred Leo Dicaprio? Parang yun ang pinagshutingan eh.. hehe! Beautiful 🙂

    I very much agree. There’s no easy way. And confronting what’s ahead is the best thing to do…no looking back whatsoever…

  2. hey ron! yup. dito nga yung location ng “the Beach”, sa may Maya Bay sa Phi Phi Islands. maganda siya. 🙂 tapos nakakatuwa kasi lahat ng tao, yun ang introduction sa island na yun. so Maya Bay will be known forever as the location for the movie. hahaha.


    kung ano man yan, i hope that you overcome it. and no regrets. *hug*

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