sama ka? :)

Hello Phuket,


See you tomorrow!

edit: pictures from our Phuket vacation here


The last time I went for a real vacation was eons ago.   It must be the reason why I’m having all these crazy, jittery thoughts since last week.  But enough of this.  I’m going on vacation no matter what. 🙂

I’m going with some friends, and they really are the ones who made all the arrangements.  Good thing they’re OC people. Haha.  Example?  One of them made a matrix comparing the rates, features etc. of available hotels. With pictures.  (I thought that made the decision-making easier actually.)  Then, one of them prepared our itinerary for our entire stay after checking out lists of things to do and things to see in the area, people’s feedbacks etc. Quite normal I know, but for someone who is less-organized when it comes to vacations, this is quite amazing for me.   Me?  As long as I know where exactly I’m going and how, then I’m all set.  I’ll just feel my way around.

Nothing wrong of course with being prepared.  It’s just that personally, I think it puts some stress into the vacation and it doesn’t feel like a vacation anymore… Nah, I’m just too lazy. Haha.

How about you?  Structured vacations or just go-with-the-flow?


What’s happening to the world?  Recently, the Philippines was abuzz with discussions on GMA’s inplants.  Then, in the US, all they are talking about now is Obama’s mom jeans.

*roll eyes*


Please Lord, sana huwag umulan.



~ by moonsparks on July 16, 2009.

12 Responses to “sama ka? :)”

  1. Swell! Never been to Phuket and I’m hearing it’s a great place to laze in the sun.

    As regards going to vacation, yes, I prepare an itinerary especially if it’s a strange place. Wasting time not knowing what sites to visit and asking around for directions can ruin a grand vacation. But I’m cool if the itinerary doesn’t happen as planned. However, if it’s a familiar place like Boracay or Davao or Cebu, then I don’t make a written itinerary anymore since I can manage without it.

    Enjoy Phuket!

  2. sabi ko nga, tamad ako e. hahaha 🙂

    sana nga maging ok na yung weather. excited na ako sobra!

  3. i wish i have friends who’d organize stuff like that… it’s usually me who does the organizing, so they’d go have their vacation and i’ll take in all of the stress…

    • hi gilbert! organizer ka din pala. pero i hope pagdating nung actual trip, nag-e-enjoy ka pa rin. magkakasundo kayo nung mga kaibigan ko. 🙂

  4. wow…so sa phuket thailand ang destination niyo? cool! masarap magbeach ngayong tag-ulan–hindi maxadong mainit.. ahehehe!

    i don’t get them…those people raving about GMA’s implants. i mean there’s a lot more issues far more important than silicons embedded in her breasts right? hehe!

    yeah… if the fates permit 🙂 thanks for the drop 🙂

    • hi ron! hahaha. oo nga naman. hindi nga naman ganon kainit. tsaka ang masaya, hindi masyadong crowded.

      salamat sa pagbisita dito a. 🙂

  5. haha nagsasawa na kasi sa pulitika ang mga tao,lols

    sama din ako,hehe

    • amusing lang na ito ang pinag-uusapan, sa dami ba naman ng mga isyu di ba? pero tama ka, baka yun nga yung dahilan kaya mas maingay tong mga balitang ito. masyadong maraming negative na isyu, madaming problema, ma-pulitika. sawa na ang mga tao.

      sige, tara! pagbalik! 🙂

  6. wow, nice naman


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