i miss opm

I was on my way home this afternoon, stuck in a bus and just listening to music, when the opening notes of this song played on.  Can you identify what song it was, based on the lyrics below?

Ginigising tuwing umaga

Ayaw bumangon

Kapit-tuko sa kama

Nananaginip maghapon

Batugan, gumising ka naman

If you recognize this, either you are into pinoy rock/blues or it’s a telling sign of your age. 🙂  The artist is a group called Labuyo, one of the legendary groups from the 70s.  You’ll appreciate this song more when you hear the melody and all.  Promise.

Other songs that Labuyo gave us are Tuloy Pa Rin Ako, Pagdating ng Bukas and Walking Home.  If you haven’t heard these songs, then you are definitely missing a lot.  Here are links in case you want a sample:


Tuloy Pa Rin Ako (the original, imo, is still the best version)

Walking Home

Pagdating ng Bukas

Listening to this made me think about all these popular western songs translated into Filipino.  Can’t we come up with originals anymore?  It’s really just sad that we have all the new materials out there, we have really good artists but there aren’t that many who dare to come up with new recordings. Is the problem with the listeners then? Is it because albums with new songs don’t sell as much as revivals or covers?

A year or two ago, people are saying that OPM has a new lease on life given the resurgence of pinoy bands and all these original songs they  brought forth.  But it looks like we have reached another plateau and are about to dip into the valley (or are we lounging in it now?).

Basta. I miss OPM.


~ by moonsparks on July 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “i miss opm”

  1. mahilig din ako sa opm,kaya pala diko lam yang lyrics na yan 70s pa pla yung band,hehe

    • 🙂 pero ang galing no? isipin mo, 70s pa pala to pero kahit anong generation, maa-appreciate pa rin siya. may version din ata nito si mike hanopol e. ano kaya kung i-revive ng kamikaze?

      nakaka-miss talaga ang opm no?

      salamat sa pagdaan ha? nabisita ako ng hari. saya naman. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard this song since birth… mahilig ako sa sili but i never thought labuyo could be this good… really amazing!

    thank you for the link…. 🙂

  3. last thing… i’m walking home and I adore the song walking home….

    • i love the song too! at ayos yan a, may soundtrack ka sa iyong paglalakad. 🙂

      hey aDz, salamat sa pagbisita!

  4. Naku moonsparks di ko rin alam ito… siguro na-miss ko lang ang band na ito within a few years. hahaha.

    Mas lalo dito sa NZ, I miss OPM music too… di ko na alam kung ano ang latest music releases dyan, so we listen to whatever we have here.

    Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko! Have a good weekend.

    • Hello Nick! Salamat din sa pagdaan dito ha? 🙂

      Ang laking tuwa ko nga rin nang makahanap ako ng mga kantang gaya nito. Dahil lang din sa mga ito kaya ko nakilala ang Labuyo. Haha. Basta, da best pa rin ang opm.

      Happy Weekend din! 🙂

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