bits and pieces 06.20.09

World-renowned photographer Steve McCurry is in Singapore!  His first solo exhibition called “The Unguarded Moment” will be featured at the Asian Civilisations Museum until July 19.  For a sample of what he does, see his most-famous photograph below called “Afghan Girl”

Afghan Girl

This was the cover for the National Geographic magazine in its June 1985 issue.  It then re-appeared in the magazine’s special edition featuring its top 100 pictures of all time.

The blue-green eyes are so captivating, aren’t they? Like they’re drawing you close and asking you to see what they see.  And her whole face speaks volumes.  There’s so much in there: anger, fear, a challenge… The photo is so captivating that it became the face for the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan then and how its people are being impacted.  This picture was in fact, also used by Amnesty International in its posters, brochures and calendars.

What’s even more interesting is that in 2002, McCurry went back to Afghanistan to look for this girl.  After some false claims, McCurry and his team finally found her, Sharbat Gula. They even used biometric technology to compare the irises of now-30 years old Sharbat to those of the girl in the photo.  And surprise, surprise, she has not heard of how popular her picture has become.

I’ll be going to the exhibit probably next week.  My friend, who went there last Friday, said that the pictures are really amazing, simple yet provoking.

Weeee! I’m so excited!


Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy?  Honestly, I stopped watching the show on its 3rd season. Hmm, i don’t know.  Not that I intentionally turned my back on this, though I can say that I didn’t try to catch any of the new episodes either.

Anyhoo, the big news is that Katherine Heigl (Izzie) will be back for season 6. But the bigger news is that T.R. Knight won’t.  O’ Malley, O’ Malley.  He is quite endearing, especially on those earlier episodes with Dr. Bailey.  Remember that episode when Dr. Bailey was about to give birth while her husband was being treated for accident-caused injuries?  O’ Malley was the one who stayed with her through all that. That nailed O’Malley’s place in my tv-watching memory. Sad, he’s going away.


All these news about North Korea and its missile-launching activities make me want to go back to school.   I miss the discussions.  I miss all the information being shared by classmates and the professor.  I miss that feeling of being so involved, it’s like a personal matter.

Oh yes, in case you were in your hiding hole the last few weeks, things have been a little tense after NK conducted an underground detonation of a nuclear device, tested its Taepodong-2 missiles afterwards and after it detained and sentenced two American journalists for allegedly straying past the China-North Korea border to 12 years of hard labour.  Ok, much more than a little tense.

Now, a new anti-missile system is ordered for Hawaii, “partly a strategy to deter North Korea from test-firing a long-range missile across the Pacific and partly a precaution against the unpredictable regime (Associated Press)”. And then there’s this talk about US military tracking a North Korean ship that is said to be heading for Singapore.  Here?!

Grr, pretty scary stuff.


It’s already 1 AM and I am craving a hot cup of coffee… and chocolate.  Hm, might as well gratify the craving. All these news makes me a little jumpy and I need to calm myself, with coffee and chocolate. Right.


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