bits and pieces 06.21.09

i finally got to watch Hellboy yesterday and I realized how much I like Guillermo Del Toro as a director. I love the way he creates all those magical-fantasy movies but even more so when these are interspersed with reality.

i first heard of him in Pan’s Labyrinth.  He was the director, writer and producer for the said movie.  And needless to say, this is really one of my most loved movies of all time. Other movies under his belt are Hellboy 1-3, Mimic and Blade 2.  He’s set to direct “The Hobbit” as well.  Then there’s this other movie entitled Cronicas which he co-produced with Alfonso Cuaron (of Y Tu Mama Tambien).  I also liked this one because of the way it put across this dilemma of the limitations of journalism, of how one weighs conscience with the greed for prestige.  Ang galing.

I came across an article from NPR today about him, that’s why I suddenly thought about this great artist.  He just released his first novel called “The Strain”.  According to the NPR article, the story  merges the folklore of vampire tales with the very modern paranoia over pandemics.  The vampires though, according to Del Toro, were killers, monsters and not “romantic, decadent, existential bad boys.” (take that, twilight!).

I’m going to buy the book.  Or if you feel like being generous, I’ll be well-pleased to receive a gift. 🙂


I’m watching a recording of Howie Severino’s I-Witness documentary last Monday entitled “Iskolar ng Sining”.  The documentary followed three aspirants to the prestigious Philippine High School for the Arts as they go through the motions of auditioning, meeting other people eager to take the same slot, waiting for the results and finally learning what the outcome of the audition is.  From out of 100 applicants, 35 were chosen to be new scholars including the three subjects of the docu.

Watching these young kids pour out their hearts to their chosen crafts makes me feel proud.  If the taxes that I pay go to these children’s schooling, then by all means, I am very much happy to give.

We have so many talented, young individuals and I just hope that they get all the opportunities they need in order to hone their skill, showcase it and live it.

In case you are interested to learn more about this school, just visit their website at


Rob Thomas will release a new album!!  Here’s the NPR article sharing information about his album Cradlesong which will be out this coming June 30:

Lots of things to look forward to!  🙂


~ by moonsparks on June 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “bits and pieces 06.21.09”

  1. gullermo del torro is one of my favorite directors of all time next to wong kar wai, alfonso quaron, lino brocka and pedro almodovar. i think he has this very unique touch when it comes to magic realism that makes his work distinct from other directors…

    hey thanks for taking the time in reading my post and posting a comment, i appreciate it!

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