last day

you’ll probably say it’s kind of weird to start something by talking about an ending.  that’s well and good.  at least it piqued your interest that much, that it warranted a thought, a feeling out of you.  and that’s how i want this to be. 

i just want some company as i delve into anything and everything i find worthy of sharing.  well, forget that.  there may be times that these won’t be interesting enough for other people to care, but that’s the beauty of this technology.  you can skip and move on to the next page, site or what-have-you and forget about any crap i spew. and then i’ll just continue to wait for any company this blackhole of an online universe would let stumble unto this.

so enough of this off-topic monologue.  what about last day? i’m thinking if tomorrow’s my last day on earth, how would i spend it? cliche, i know.  but here’s the twist.  what if at the same time, there are no limits to what you can do.  suddenly, you have the ability to go back to the past or future, be anyone or anything, and just basically be able to do whatever floats your boat.  how will you spend your day?

here’s how i’ll spend it.

12:00 – 12:30 AM – view the aurora borealis.  i will fly off or better yet, apparate to Alaska to feast my eyes on this wonderful light display. 

12:31 – 1:00 AM – i’m off to the international space station.  i want to see for myself how earth looks like from up there.

1:01 – 1:30 AM – visit new york.  if it’s the city that never sleeps, then i want to see how it looks like this early. lol.

1:31 – 2:30 AM – i’ll bring three of my closest friends (chinky eyes, doodles and cutesy) to the beach.  we’ll just lay in the sand, look at the stars, drink and talk.

2:31 – 3:00 AM – sleep.  deep, comfortable, uninterrupted slumber.  haven’t had that in a long while.

3:01 – 4:00 AM – listen to great music.  string quartet, a full orchestra, a piano exhibition, my favorite r&b and alternative rock songs, and elliiott yamin singing ‘i could not ask for more’.

4:01 – 5:00 AM – date with God. for an all-out, all-heart prayer and worship.

5:01 – 6:00 AM – sunrise-watching in New Zealand with my family.

6:01 – 6:30 AM – time for my fastfood breakfast. 🙂

6:31 – 7:30 AM – early morning swim in Cebu with my former, but dearly loved work teammates.

7:31 – 8:00 AM – walk along the amazing beaches of Hawaii with aidan. 

8:01 – 9:00 AM – cherry blossoms festival in Japan. i would probably be crying the whole time.

9:01 – 11:00 AM – visit each location in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and meet the characters.  special note to self: limit time with Gimli and Legolas to 20 minutes. can’t exceed.  first stop would be Rivendell. last stop would be the shire.

11:01 – 1:00 PM – hearty lunch in Italy.

1:01 – 2:00 PM – sky diving.  i have always been afraid of heights so just this one time, i want to let loose and let be.

2:01 – 3:00 PM – watch gordon’s gin basketball team batch 1997 play once again.

3:01 – 4:00 PM – speed re-living favorite, happy moments in my life.

4:00 – 6:00 PM -whatever it is i think about of doing that time.

6:01 – 7:00 PM – full body massage.

7:01 – 8:00 PM – dinner in Mexico.

8:01 – 8:30 PM – bring chico to paris for a seine river cruise.  along the way, ask him all the questions i long wanted to ask him.

8:31 – 9:00 PM – lay in a hammock in a beach in Maldives, with chico just embracing me tight.

9:01 – 10:00 PM – karaoke/videoke-fest with high school friends.

10:01 – 10:30 PM – chill out at the sunken garden with bumsoc.

10:31- 11:30 PM – gather around my family and closest friends for one last goodbye.

11:31 – 12:00 midnight – lay in the lavender fields of France until death takes me.

quite a long read huh? :p if you reached this point, then it’s confirmed.  you are the most patient, enduring, tolerant person in this whole wide world.

how about you? what would you do on your last day? 🙂


~ by moonsparks on April 7, 2009.

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